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We thank our lucky stars for finding Susan and Brooke! Without them, my parent’s house with 65 years of “stuff” is now completely empty and ready for the closing. These amazing women handled everything. They went through every closet and drawer, cleaned out every nook and cranny, staged the house for the estate sale, ran the three-day sale and then made sure that all the leftover items were either sent to charity or disposed of properly. They worked so hard! And truly, all I had left to do was vacuum!

It is not just a job for them. They take pride in all they do. They are honest and caring. They sincerely enjoy helping and supporting you. They communicate readily and often. It is just a pleasure to get to know them and work with them.

Words really can’t describe how much we appreciate all they have done. Do not hesitate hiring “Sassy Susan” and company.

Barbara B

Thank you so much for your hard work on the estate sale of my mother's home. It is not easy to be in this sandwich generation. You were amazing. The entire process of the sale was so easy and took the stressful part of unloading a lifetime of things away from myself, my mother and my siblings.  You displayed the merchandise beautifully and the advertising was well done. The fact that you followed up the entire sale with the cleanout of anything remaining was really helpful. You were excellent with your communication and questions about sale items and non-sale items. I really enjoyed working with you. If you wish to pass my name along to other clients seeking a reference I would be happy to recommend your fine services.  Thank you so much. You made a stressful time much easier. I will recommend your services to all my friends.

Thank you so much,

Lauren M.

This company known as Finer Things Estate Sales is very dependable and personable. While in the process of downsizing, we were faced with the dilemma of sorting out our posessions. When we called Finer Things Estate Sales,they responded promptly and in a professional manner. They researched the items that we had to sell and priced these items fairly..Labeled each item prior to sale which was very time consuming on their part. The outcome exceeded our expectations. We were very pleased and i would recommend this company to all.

Joyce M.

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